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Why Archetypes Matter: Jung, Stevens, and the New Epigenetics.

Prof. David Napier (Uploaded 30 Jan 2017)


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Working in the Psychosomatic field
—A Jungian approach

Yoram Inspector (uploaded 14 March 2017)


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Sims, Toby Trustee
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Calendar 2017

Saturday, 14th January
Why Archetypes Matter: Jung, Stevens, and theNew Epigenetics.

Thursday 2nd FEBRUARY
Celebrating Imbolc with James Joyce and Brigid, We are part of Nature

Thursday 2nd MARCH,
Working in the Psychosomatic field—A Jungian approach

Thursday 4th May,
Pathological Gambling: An illness of our times?

Saturday, 20th May
"He struck the rock and the waters did flow" - the alchemical background of the gravestones of Marie-Louise von Franz and Barabara Hannah.

Thursday 1st JUNE
Fundamentals of a Multi-dimensional Dreamwork Theory

Saturday 8th JULY
AGM Members only

25th—27th August
Suffering Soul in a Fragmented World

Thursday 5th October,
Cecil Collins and his legacy—a personal response


Saturday, 21st October

Thursday 2nd NOVEMBER
(details to follow)

Thursday 7th December

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