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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung



Why Archetypes Matter: Jung, Stevens, and the New Epigenetics.

Saturday, 14th January, 2—4.30pm at the Essex Church

Tea and cakes included

David Napier is Professor of Medical Anthropology at UCL and directs the UCL Science, Medicine, and Society Network. In this talk he will consider the social and cultural dimensions of Jung's notion of the archetype in the light of the new biology of epigenetics

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Memory, Land-guage and Sovereignty
In the smithy of the imagination with Brigid and James Joyce at Imbolc

We are part of Nature

February 2nd is the Celtic festival of Imbolc, rebirth of spring in the the maiden form of Brigid, midwife of new life in the cycle of the year, synchronous with Candlemas, and many end of winter festivals. Known in Celtic myth and history as goddess and saint, attributed with the fire of inspiration, blacksmithing, patroness of farming, beer, wonder worker, protectress, embodying women’s spiritual wisdom and sovereignity. She is rooted in nature, associated with the dawn, the daily birth of the sun. Her memory comes alive in wells, stones, rivers, dreams, stories.

It’s also the birthday of James Joyce, who created a new form of storytelling. In Ulysses we are lost for 24 hours in intimate and mythic sketches, inner and outer dialogues of Dublin folk. In Finnegans Wake, he conceives a dream language, the dream of Finn MacCool, dead and revived by the water of life Anna Livia the River Liffey.

Multilayered, multi lingual, musical, punning and witty, we are de-centred, can’t find our way. With a monkish scholarship of history, literature, philosophy and myth, he weaves chaos and cosmos, cycles of death and renewal, inner and outer. Dawn threshold permeates his work. In exile from Ireland, he is sovereign in the land of imagination, not without cost.

In our deepening chaos and fragmentation, are this visionary pair alive, vitalizing, speaking to our need for cultural renewal, challenging the selfish nationalistic version of Sovereignity. Are they playing a part in reforging an ecological consciousness of home, of memory in the mythopoetic landscape?

Nuala Flynn is a depth psychologist and artist. She has worked for 15 years with Irish survivors of institutional abuse. She is a ReVision trained psychotherapist, MA Imaginal Studies, a Marion Woodman Foundation Bodysoul Leader, an Embodied Imagination therapist in training with Robert Bosnak. She practices in East London and offers therapy, dreamwork, supervision and Social Dreaming Matrix hosting.

She is grateful for the wellspring of her ancestral landscape and imagination in the West of Ireland.

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 6866504 3x2 700x467Thursday 2nd MARCH, EVENING LECTURE


Working in the Psychosomatic field—A Jungian approach

I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint; my heart is like wax; it melted in the midst of my bowels” Psalm 22:14. Dr Yoram Inspector M.D is a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Psychotherapist and the Head of the Psychological Medicine Unit of St Mark’s Hospital which provides psychological treatment and support for people who live with various gastrointestinal diseases and disorders.

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 problem gamblingThursday 4th May, EVENING LECTURE


Pathological Gambling: An illness of our times?


Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones is a medical doctor and neuroscience researcher working as Consultant Psychiatrist in Addictions. She is the Founder and Director of the National Problem Gambling Clinic based in London. The clinic is the first and only NHS multidisciplinary treatment centre in the UK for the treatment of problem gamblers.

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csm 60.2Marie Louise von Franz TSC6976 ausschnitt 03 d12954d43b




A day long seminar in which Dr.Schweizer-Vuellers will explore the complex inner meaning of the symbols of the fourfold circle or mandala which featured in a 17th century alchemical text and which we see illustrated above on the gravestone of Marie-Louise von Franz and Barbara Hannah. 

"He struck the rock and the waters did flow"

- the alchemical background of the gravestones of Marie-Louise von Franz and Barabara Hannah. 

Saturday, 20th May

The Guild’s spring day conference will be held in Sheffield.

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Fundamentals of a Multi-dimensional Dreamwork Theory
On Dreams and Lucid Dreaming

Nigel Hamilton, Ph.D, is the Director of the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education and Dream Research Institute (DRI), a transpersonal psychotherapy training centre and clinic in London, where he lectures and practises as a psychotherapist; UK representative for Sufi Order international; and author of the recently published  Awakening Through Dreams: The Journey Through the Inner Landscape

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Saturday 8th JULY


Members only





25th—27th August Worcester College, Oxford

Over the weekend each speaker will give two Papers addressing the theme of “Suffering Soul in a Fragmented World”.

There will be ample opportunity for discussion in small groups, plenaries and informally with the speakers. The conference will be held in the welcoming atmosphere of Worcester College, Oxford and each day will start with spiritual reflections, given by members of the Guild

Giulia Valerio

“The boundaries of our consciousness and of our lands are very fragile, called into question and forced to change by dramatic historical events that surround us; moreover, not always invited guests of other civilizations bring to our lands different ways of conceiving life, death, education and relationship with the Invisible, the Sacred and God.

Ancient myths can help us to understand the archetypal patterns underlying the problems we are facing now. They can speak of relationships with the unknown, with strangers, illustrating the immense range of feelings on the continuum between hate and love, and above all, they can show how to heal the dissociation of psyche and the wounds of our soul”.

Giulia Valerio is a Jungian Psychotherapist who lives and works in Verona (Italy). She is a member of ARPA and IAAP and teaches Analytical  Psychology, Etnopsychotherapy and Sandplay Therapy at the Graduate School LiSTA of Milan. She is President of MetisAfrica onlus, an association that does research and projects with the population of Dogon in Mali. She speaks at conferences, and has written many essays (Mary Magdalene and the Archetype of Grace, Archetypes and Clinical Practice, Fertility and Hospitality: how to deal with the Goddesses’ Gifts, Dialogues with the soul, Therapist for passion, Jung and the Mystery of love). Over the weekend each speaker will give two Papers addressing the theme of “Suffering Soul in a Fragmented World”. There will be ample opportunity for discussion in small groups, plenaries and informally with the speakers. The conference will be held in the welcoming atmosphere of Worcester College, Oxford and each day will start with spiritual reflections, given by members of the Guild.

Robert M Mercurio

“Our concentration on special- interest groups, which indeed require attention, has led to a fragmentation and to a loss of our sense of the fundamental unity of humanity. The archetype of the Anthropos expresses this basic and fundamental idea of interconnection which is so important for a new global form of consciousness.

Further splits can be seen in our heroic model of consciousness which separates expansion from a sense of limit, and strength and power from our sense of fragility. The latter of these is relegated to the Shadow which heroic consciousness continually represses by emphasizing the former. Aggressiveness and conflict are there- fore often the result of this dynamic”.

Robert M. Mercurio holds university degrees in philosophy and in management as well as the Diploma in Analytical Psychology from the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich. Formerly a member and training analyst of the Centro Italiano di Psicologia Analitica (C.I.P.A.) he is currently a Training Analyst and dozent at the Associazione per la Ricerca in Psicologia Analitica (A.R.P.A.), and member of the Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists (A.G.A.P. Zurich) and of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (I.A.A.P.). He is a very welcome return speaker at the Guild where he is known for his warm and erudite presentations

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LANCASTER Maria 05 10 17

Thursday 5th October,


October Lecture: Cecil Collins and his Legacy with Maria Lancaster

Due to the threatened strike action (now withdrawn) this lecture was cancelled. Maria Lancaster's talk and slideshow will take place during the Winter Celebration on December 7th together with mulled wine and mince pies. Further details of this will be circulated to members and available on the website in due course.

The October 5th evening remains cancelled despite the lifting of the strike. Apologies for the disruption to the programme.


Maria Lancaster will focus on visionary artist Cecil Collins’ ideas alongside examples of her own work

Maria studied at Central St Martins under Cecil Collins in the 1970’s. She has exhibited widely and her work is in many private collections. Her drawings were recently exhibited at the Association of Jungian Analysts. She organised the Cecil Collins Centenary Conference in 2008 and the Cecil Collins Memorial Conference in 2009. She has taught some of his methods in her drawing workshops.

Maria Lancaster studied with Cecil Collins at Central St Martins in the 1970’s.  In this talk she will focus on some of Cecil’s ideas and paintings alongside some of her own work.

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C.G.Jung Club London and The Guild of Pastoral Psychologyjames Hollis 2017

A Day with James Hollis


Registration 10.00 onwards

Venue: Coin Street Conference Centre - Third Floor,
108 Stamford Street, London SE1 9NH
(Nearest tube: Waterloo)

Tickets: £80          Members of Club or Guild: £65          Trainees/Students: £50
All tickets to be booked in advance—see booking information Download Flyer

 Thursday 2nd NOVEMBER, EVENING LECTUREsoul geometry two 002 by agsandrew d7301ll


Something about Soul...


The best things can’t be told because they transcend thought.
The second best are misunderstood, because they are thoughts that are supposed to refer to that which can’t be thought about.
The third best are what we talk about.

Joseph Campbell – The Power of Myth.

When there is no way to articulate what lies wordless at the core of dilemma or pathology, therapeutic work becomes blocked and the inner story remains unheard. Embodied imaginative work is one way of befriending symbolic, metaphor- creating language of the psyche- soul – story and movement creates a
bridge between outer situation and internal resource. When this happens, people speak of having an encounter with the “real me”; they feel they have “come home”. Post Jungians James Hillman and Thomas Moore call the inner source which organises this home- coming “Soul”.

People venturing into the non- verbal, “un- knowing” soulful place frequently use a phenomenon of three words to talk about the inner experience. They say, “It’s something about...”. The evening will consider how hospitality can be given to the “something about” symbol fragments of meaning which the human soul uses as individuation language.

Mary Smail is a HCPC registered Dramatherapist (Sesame), and a Re- Vision UKCP registered psychotherapist working in private practice. Mary has trained dramatherapists and psychotherapists for 22 years and presently runs an 18 month CPD course for registered therapists called Psyche and Soma – soul through the arts. She is a trainer at Re- Vision. She co- authored Dramatherapy with Myth and Fairy Tale in 2013 and is presently researching
material around the soul, death and the afterlife.

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 Thursday 7th December


A celebration through poetry and prose, mince pies and mulled wine!

Registered Charity No.212662