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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

Coming Soon! 3 new titles from the Guild's Conflict and Compassion Series

The Teaching of Compassion by Rabbi Abraham Soettendorp

Towards a Spiritual Empathy by Professor Tariq Ramadan

My lot has fallen in a pleasant ground - the soteriology of institutions by The Very Revd June Osborne


The speakers

Rabbi Abraham Soettendorp

Rabbi Abraham Soetendorp was a "hidden child" in Holland during the war. Saved by a Catholic family, it has left him with a lifetime concern for the needs of children, inter faith dialogue, and the teaching of compassion. For forty years he has been Rabbi of the Liberal Congregation in the Hague and has travelled all over the world taking part in dialogues and seminars in pursuit of peace and global justice.

He was co founder of the Global Forum of Parliamentary and Spiritual Leaders and, with Mikhail Gorbachev, of Green Cross International, an environmental organisation. He is also an Earth Charter Commissioner and was influential in the drafting of the Charter. He has won a number of international inter faith and peace awards, including the Gold Medallion of the International Committee of Jews and Christians.


Professor Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan was described at the Hay Festival 2008 as "one of the hundred great minds in Europe." He is a Swiss Muslim academic and theologian. He advocates the studying and re interpretation of Islamic texts and emphasizes the heterogeneous nature of Islamic society.

Ramadan believes that Muslims in Europe have to establish a new "European Islam" and emphasizes the necessity for their engagement in European society. He has many academic qualifications and is currently on a visiting fellowship at St Anthony's College in Oxford.

Ramadan's grandfather was a founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and his father was exiled from Egypt to Switzerland by Nasser. His recent book The Messenger The Meanings of the Life of Muhammad is published by Penguin (and is now in the Guild's Library).

Introduction to Ramadan's talk by Diana Grace-Jones


The Very Revd June Osborne

In 1994 June Osborne was one of the first group of women to be ordained in to the priesthood. In 2004 she was appointed Dean of Salisbury making her Church of England's most senior woman priest. She is the first female Dean of any of Britain's medieval cathedrals. She plays a key role in The Anglican Communion's commitment to implementing the Millennium Development Goals.



The series

The Conflict and Compassion Series is a highly topical series of 4 lectures on the role of religion in the 21st Century. The speakers, each from a different tradition, consider conflict in the light of modern spirituality.

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