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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

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mp3 Downloads

C01 Bani Shorter - What is a Jungian Analysis.mp3
C01 Bani Shorter - What is a Jungian Analysis - read by P Michaelis.mp3
C02 Irene Bloomfield - My Style Of Therapy.mp3
C03 John Miller - The Importance of Failure in Education.mp3
C04 Rabbi Lionel Blue - The Practical uses of God.mp3
C05 Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Summers - Psychosynthesis Transpersona Psychology.mp3
C06 Derek Gough - The Continuing Vision.mp3
C07 Patricia Berry - What Is The Matter With Mother.mp3
C08 Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan - The Continuing Vision A Sufi View.mp3
C09 The Open Circle - Rabbi Jonathan Magonet.mp3
C100 Canon Allchin - Ritual and Religion.mp3
C101 Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Forgiveness.mp3
C103 Dr Anthony Stevens - Shadow Conscience and Religion Psychological Implications.mp3
C104 Bani Shorter - Border People.mp3
C105 Rev Donald Eadie - Taking Leave of Home.mp3
C106 Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Christian Mysticism.mp3
C107 Rabbi David Freeman - Mystical Approach to Judaism.mp3
C108 John Costello and Vera von der Heydt - Opening Address and Summing Up Summer Conference 1982.mp3
C109 Molly Tuby - Alchemy and The Search.mp3
C10 Philip Rae-Scott - Summer Conference 1976 Summing Up.mp3
C110 Rabbi David Freeman - If Not In Dreams through The Medium of The Birds of The Heavens.mp3
C111 Fr John Dourley - Jung Tillich and The Quest for Home and Self.mp3
C112a Peter Redgrove - The Wise Wound Pt1.mp3
C112b Peter Redgrove - The Wise Wound Pt2.mp3
C113 Dr Diana Bates - The Parameters of Coping.mp3
C114 Rabbi Jeffrey Newman - Liturgy and Ritual in Judaism.mp3
C115 Rev Tom Curtis-Hayward - Liturgy and Ritual in Christianity(poor recording).mp3
C116 Wendy Robinson - The Feminine Function of The Relationships between God and Man.mp3
C117 Ean Begg - Messiah.mp3
C118 Rabbi Louis Jacobs - Psychology of Hassidism.mp3
C119 Kevin O'Dowd - A Life Of One's Own.mp3
C120 Rev Stephen Verney - Metanoia A change of Mind and Heart.mp3
C121 Dr Ralph Twentyman - Homeopathy and Psychotherapy.mp3
C122 Dr Rosemary Gordon - Location of Archetypal Experience.mp3
C123 Rev Dr Martin Israel - The Valley of Decision.mp3
C124 Christopher Knight - The Legend of The Dragon.mp3
C125 Richard Adams - The Story Teller.mp3
C126a Ann and Barry Ulanov - The Hag The Wise Woman - Lost and Found Pt1.mp3
C126b Ann and Barry Ulanov - The Hag The Wise Woman - Lost and Found Pt2.mp3
C127 Dr Johanna Brieger - The Child in The Stone.mp3
C128 Dr Rupert Sheldrake - A New Biology.mp3
C129 Dr Michael Fordham - Changes in Analysis over the Last Fifty Years.mp3
C12 Prof W J Hollenweger - The Dark Side of Christ.mp3
C130 Andrew Mouldey - The Eye of The Heart.mp3
C131 Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Summer Conference 1983 Summing Up.mp3
C132 Molly Tuby - The Shadow.mp3
C133 Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Jung and Religion.mp3
C134 Fr Christopher Bryant SSJE - Individuation and Salvation.mp3
C135 Bishop Kallistos - The Human Person in Greek Orthodox Spirituality.mp3
C136 Dr Brigid Boardman - Flight and Pursuit (Hound of Heaven).mp3
C137 Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh - The Russian Orthodox Church.mp3
C138 Tom Harris - Buddhism A Journey To The Self.mp3
C139 Dr David Luke - Sacred Metaphysic and The Science of The Soul.mp3
C13 William Kraemer - Ideal and Reality.mp3
C140 Rev Eric Blakeborough - Addiction Origins and Manifestations.mp3
C141 Dr Robert Hobson - Addiction Origins and Manifestations.mp3
C142 Ann Shearer - Working With Handicapped People Some Thoughts on Motivation.mp3
C143 Dr J Perry - Death and Digestion.mp3
C144 Dr Ralph Twentyman - Disease as Metamorphosis.mp3
C145a Julian David - Man Woman and The Self.mp3
C145b Joel Ryce-Menuhin and Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Intro and Summing Up Summer Conference 1984.mp3
C146 Lettice Cooper - Fear The Enemy.mp3
C147 Dr Brian Easlea - Scientists and The Feminine.mp3
C148 Rt Rev Michael Hare-Duke - Conquest or Integration.mp3
C149 Dr Irmgard Schloegl - The Zen Way Pt 1 and 2.mp3
C14 Gonville ffrench-Beytagh - Peace in personal Conflict.mp3
C150 Dr Irmgard Schloegl - The Zen Way Pt3 and 4.mp3
C151 David Wilde - Whither Analytical Psychology An Artists View.mp3
C152 Dr Ian Baker - Art Faith and Consciousness.mp3
C153 Bani Shorter - Rabbi J Newman - Waiting and Listening - Hearing.mp3
C154 Dr Neil Micklem - Fr John Lee - The Psychology of The Vow - Living with The Vow.mp3
C155 Dr A Klingler - Sister Judith - Questioning - Renewing The Vow.mp3
C156 Andrea Dykes - The Emergence of Religious Symbols in Analysis.mp3
C157 Rev David Cox - I Don't Need To Believe in God I I Know What Did Jung Know.mp3
C158 Karen Armstrong - Women in The Early Church.mp3
C159 Kathleen Raine - Poetry and The Frontiers of Consciousness.mp3
C160 Ivan Weekes - Putting Faith Into Practice in Society.mp3
C161 Rabbi Howard Cooper - Elijah.mp3
C162 Thomas Rochford - Quo Usque Domine How Long O Lord.mp3
C163 Prof Gilles Quispel - The Gospel of Thomas.mp3
C164 Ean Begg - Black Virgin.mp3
C165a Joel Ryce-Menuhin and Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Opening Summing up Summer Conference 1985.mp3
C165 Dr Kathrin Asper - Depression Dark Night of The Soul.mp3
C166 Edward Robinson - Mystery and Imagination.mp3
C167 Wendy Robinson - The Beyond in The Midst.mp3
C168 Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Receptive Women.mp3
C169 George Hart - Major Gods and Temples of Ancient Egypt.mp3
C16 Fr Slade SSJE - Contemplative Prayer.mp3
C170 Rev Tom Curtis-Hayward - The Vision of Samuel Palmer.mp3
C171 Rev Frances Young - Praying Thinking and Acting.mp3
C172 David Lorimer - Changing Attitudes to Death and Survival.mp3
C173 Alison Day - St Julians 1941-86.mp3
C174 Dr Diana Bates - New Vintages from A Northern Vineyard.mp3
C175 Frank Stack - The Experience of A Poem.mp3
C176 Rev David Francis - Coping With Age.mp3
C177 Dr Renos Papadoulos - Adolescence and Home Coming.mp3
C178 Rev John Polkinghorne - From Physicist to Priest.mp3
C179 Diana Grace-Jones - Dressed To Kill The Story of Judith.mp3
C17a Thetis Blacker - Mythical Beasts.mp3
C17 Dr Neil Micklem - The Asklepian Myth.mp3
C180 Bishop Stephen Verney - The Spirit Of The Age.mp3
C181 Dr Patrick Pietroni - Spirituality and Health.mp3
C182 Ann Shearer - Messages Through A Medium.mp3
C183 Dr Anthony Stevens - The Archetypes of War.mp3
C184 Rabbi David Freeman and Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Intro and Summing Up Summer Conference 1986.mp3
C185 Dr Martin Kalff - The Feminine in Buddism.mp3
C186 Dr Mario Jacoby - Return To Paradise.mp3
C187 Dick Davis - Attars Conference of The Birds.mp3
C188 Rabbi Jonathan Magonet - The Journey (Jeremiah).mp3
C189 Fr Thomas Curtis Hayward - The Journey - Gospels.mp3
C18 Christopher Spence - What is Co-Counselling.mp3
C190 Sheila Willson - The Journey of Individuation.mp3
C191 Julian David - A Psychology of The Self.mp3
C192 Rabbi M R Heilbron - Growing Towards Religious Identity.mp3
C193 Jill Purce - Healing by Sound and Voice.mp3
C194 Prof B D Goodwin - Alchemy in Modern Perspective.mp3
C195 Dr R.Kearney - Heidegger and God.mp3
C196 Diane Z.Hirst - Light and Religious Paintings.MP3
C197 Richard Temple - George And The Dragon.mp3
C198 Anne Redman - Darkness on The Face of The Deep.mp3
C199 Rev Alan Johnson - Melchi Zedek Archetypal Image of A Priest.mp3
C19 Derek Gough - The Inner Life and The Life of Action.mp3
C200a Bani Shorter and Joel Ryce-Menuhin - Introduction Summer Conference 1987.mp3
C200b Joel Ryce-Menuhin - The Gifted Child.mp3
C201 Dr Jean Knox - Alcoholism and the Child within.mp3
C202 Fr Benedict Ramsden - The Hurt Child and the Healing Family.mp3
C203 Dr Helmut Barz - The Divine Child.mp3
C204 Fr Gerard Hughes - Spiritual Direction and Counselling - Is there a difference.MP3
C205a Bani Shorter - Susan Schwartz - Monica Furlong - Psychological Woman.mp3
C205b Bani Shorter - Susan Schwartz - Monica Furlong - Psychological Woman - Discussion.mp3
C206 Dr Tom West - An End and a Beginning (St Christopher's Hospice).mp3
C207 Dr R.J.Zvi Werblowsky - Jerusalem Holy City of Three Religions.MP3
C208 Margaret Hebblethwaite - Motherhood and God.mp3
C209 Rev Michael Anderton - Towards a Dynamic Authority.mp3
C20 Prof Robert Hobson - Believing and Doing in Psychotherapy.mp3
C210 Frank Cawson - Man and the Animals.mp3
C211 Nigel Wellings - East and West Ideas on the Meeting of Opposites.mp3
C212 Count Nicolai Tolstoy - The Figure of Merlin as Archetype of Britain.mp3
C213 Dr Roderick Peters - Nuclear Initiation and the Sacrifice of Innocence.mp3
C214 Dr Elizabeth Ruf - Patterns of Sacrifice and Initiation.mp3
C215 Brian Morris - Healing Rituals in Malawi.mp3
C216 Hildegard Weinrich - The Individuation Process.mp3
C217 Rabbi Jeffrey Newman - Change within the Individual and in Community.mp3
C218 Fr William Hewitt - Four Fold Vision.mp3
C219 Bani Shorter - If Ritual Dies.mp3
C21 Anne Bancroft - Buddhism A Way of Awakening to Reality.mp3
C220 Salley Brown - Literature and Ritual.mp3
C221 Rabbi David Freeman et al - Opening Address Impressions of Summer Conference 1988.mp3
C222 John Costello - Psychosis or Spirituality.mp3
C223 Doig Simmonds - An African Cosmology A Personal View.mp3
C224 Rabbi Howard Cooper - The Symbolism of the Jewish Liturgical Year.mp3
C225 Prof Hasan Askari - The Concept of Self in Sufism and Depth Psychology.mp3
C226 Melanie Reinhart - The Spirits Re-Member A Personal Encounter With The Inner Terrain of Black Africa.mp3
C227 Fr Gordian Marshall - The Symbolism of The Christian Festivals.mp3
C228 Linda Mary Edwards - The Ordination of Women.mp3
C229 Andreas Schweizer-Vullers - Let him who desires take the water of life without price.mp3
C22 Rev Michael Hollings - Come As You Are.mp3
C230 FX_Jans-Scheidegger - New Age The Desire for Individuation in Way of Christian Mystics.mp3
C231 Rev Dr Brian Horne - The Desert Fathers Eccentric Heroes or Spiritual Guides.mp3
C232 Rae Michaelis - Is There Anything More than Surviving Reflections in Nature.mp3
C233 John Costello - The Shadow Side of Holiness.mp3
C234 Rabbi Hugo Gryn - Humour and Holiness.mp3
C235 Prof Wilfrid Mellers - Music God and Mathematics.mp3
C236 David Maclagan - Irony and Sacrilege in Modern Art.mp3
C237 Rabbi David Freeman et al - Opening Address - Impressions of the Conference.mp3
C238a Wallace and Jean Clift - The Hero Journey in Dreams pt1.mp3
C238b Wallace and Jean Clift - The Hero Journey in Dreams pt2.mp3
C239 Lynne Broadbent - Religious Education in the Primary School.mp3
C23 Philip Rae-Scott - Summer Conference 1977 Summary.mp3
C240 Maya Parker - Poland Religious and Psychological Perspectives.mp3
C241 Rev James Roose-Evans - Journey Into Ritual.mp3
C242 Robin Balbernie - Finding Balance and Perspective Psychotherapy with Children.mp3
C243 Anne Baring - The Sacred Marriage.mp3
C244 Herbert Whone - The Power of Music.mp3
C245 Prof Michael Adler and Dr Rob George - Facing AIDS.mp3
C246 Rabbi Howard Cooper - Whatever Happened in the Garden A drama for four Voices.mp3
C247 Mary Welch - The Space Between.mp3
C248 Ruth Fainlight - Sibyls and Others.mp3
C249 Dr James Pitt-Payne - The Hooligan Within.mp3
C24 Dr Alfred Plaut - Pornography and The Religious Attitude.mp3
C250 Christopher Booker - Power Outer and Inner.mp3
C251 Rabbi David Freeman - Victim Power Clinical & Philosophical Paradox of Nazi & Jew.mp3
C252 Ean Begg - Magic Power.mp3
C253 Edward Robinson - The Power of Art.mp3
C254 Rev Jeremy Young & Diana Grace-Jones - Introduction and Summing Up Summer Conference 1990.mp3
C255 Diana Grace-Jones - Jung Father and Christianity.mp3
C256 Rev Jeremy Young - The Good Child and The Loving Father.mp3
C257 Beata Bishop - Working with Light and Shadow in Life-Threatening Illnesses.mp3
C258 Joel Ryce-Menuhin - A New Look At Answer To Job.mp3
C259 Dr Murray Cox - Studying by a Dark Lamp Paradox Psychosis and Poiesis.mp3
C260 Rev E Robertson - Myths and Fairy Tales Psyche and Eros.mp3
C261 Judith Elkan - Images of God in Genesis.mp3
C262 Sister Lavinia Byrne - Sin and The Dis-Empowerment of Women.mp3
C263 Susie Orbach - The Feminine Inside Us.mp3
C264 Rev Eric Hutchinson - Gospel and Psyche.mp3
C265 Dr John Launer - Jewish Christian Dialogue A Family Therapy Approach.mp3
C266 Molly Tuby - Eros and Psychological Relatedness.mp3
C267 Herbert Whone - The Universal Game.mp3
C268 Andrew Louth - Eros and Mysticism (Song of Songs).mp3
C269 Kathleen Raine - An Exploration of Eros through Poetry.mp3
C26 Sir Laurens van der Post and Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Our Time and Its Shadow.mp3
C270 Rev J Young et al - Introduction and Final Thoughts Summer Conference 1991.mp3
C271 Canon D Allchin - Traherne.mp3
C272 Dr Sasha Duddington - Back to The Archetype.mp3
C273 Donald Reeves - Has Christianity a future.mp3
C274 Nicholas Campion - Aion and The End of Time.mp3
C275 Peter Amman - Music and Melancholy.mp3
C276 Ann and Barry Ulanov - The Cultural and Spiritual Implications of Anima and Animus.mp3
C277 Dr Mario Jacoby - Anxiety and The Myth of The Dragon's Flight.mp3
C278 Sr Frances Dominica - Joy is Sorrow Revealed.mp3
C279 Father Tom Curtis Hayward - Pagans Druids and Christians Today.mp3
C27 Fay Pye - Aspects of Jewish Prayer.mp3
C280 Kirsten Milnes - The Nordic Pantheon the Tapestry of Nordic Mythology.mp3
C281 Dr Sara Sviri - Does God Pray A Judeo-Islamic Tradition in the Light of Analytical Psychology.mp3
C282 Rev David de Verny - Healers Before and After Jesus.mp3
C283 Jenny Franklin - Toward the Symbol A Painter's Experience.mp3
C284 Martin Odermatt - Religious Symbols and their Connection with Dream and Body.mp3
C285 Satish Kumar - Soul Soil and Society.mp3
C286 Prof Lloyd Geering - The Spiritual Source of Our Symbol Systems.mp3
C287 Diana Grace-Jones et al - Introduction and Conclusion Summer Conference 1992.mp3
C288 Rev John Sclater - Jung and The Path of Humility.mp3
C289 Prof Gabriel Josipovici - Why The Bible.mp3
C28 Una Kroll - Women As Spiritual Guides.mp3
C290 Michael Barnes SJ - The Face Revealing or Obscuring.mp3
C291 Michal Hambourg - Living in Music.mp3
C292 Kenneth Newman - The Last Words of Christ.mp3
C293 Ann and Barry Ulanov - Knowing Presence The Meeting of Psyche and Spirit.mp3
C294 David Holbrook - Images of Women In Literature.mp3
C295 Bishop Kenneth Cragg - As Muslims see Themselves in the Light of their Qur'an.mp3
C296 Dr Rosemary Gordon - The Matrix of Inspiration Sacred or Secular.mp3
C297 Mariamna Fortounatto - Living With Icons.mp3
C298 Lorraine Walker - The Narrow Gate - An Exploration of The Archetype of Surrender.mp3
C299 Sheila Mayo - Sounding Bowls Windows Into Interior Space.mp3
C29 William Johnston SJ - Jung Zen and Yoga in The West.mp3
C300 Prof Gethin Morgan - Malignant Alienation.mp3
C301 Donald Nicholl - Where When How Is Home.mp3
C302 Dr Kathrin Asper - Being in Oneself and Being in the World.mp3
C303 Sir Laurens van der Post - Homer's Odyssey - Vintage.mp3
C304 Diana Grace-Jones - Ithaka Introduction-Conclusion.mp3
C305 Dr Anne Maguire - The Mortal Sin of Pride.mp3
C306 Brigid Boardman - The Flight from The Hound.mp3
C307 Joel Ryce-Menuhin - Jung and Monotheisms Judaism Christianity Islam.mp3
C308 Rabbi Helen Freeman - Chochma and Wholeness retrieving The Feminine in Judaism.mp3
C309 Dom Sebastian Moore OSB - Immaturity in The Male Psyche some Recent Jungian Insights.mp3
C30 Rev Geoffrey Harding - Stress.mp3
C310a Ann and Barry Ulanov - Women of The Old Testament a Stubborn Presence pt1 and pt 2.mp3
C310b Ann and Barry Ulanov - Women of The Old Testament a Stubborn Presence pt1 and pt 2.mp3
C311 Dr Hilary Carby-Hall - The Feminine within Orthodoxy.mp3
C312 Sasha Duddington - Anima as Priestess in Man.mp3
C313 Ethel Vogelsang - The Creation Myth of Lilith and Adam.mp3
C314 David Holt - Sacred Hunger Exponential Growth and the Bible - Vintage.mp3
C315 Dr James Jarrett - Jung and Kinds of Love.mp3
C316 Philip Cox - The Evil Eye Looking Into Envy.mp3
C317 Dr Roderick Peters - Saving The World.mp3
C318 Prof Josephine Evetts-Secker - Noli and Ecce Discovering Psyche.mp3
C319a Dr Peter Fenwick - The Implications of Being A Brain pt1 and pt2.mp3
C319b Dr Peter Fenwick - The Implications of Being A Brain pt1 and pt2.mp3
C31 Ean Begg - Father.mp3
C320 Rev John Polkinghorne - The Contemporary Interaction of Science and Technology.mp3
C321 Rev S van Culin and Diana Grace-Jones - Shifting Horizons Summer Conference 1994 Intro and Conclusion.mp3
C322 Eugene Monick - Evil in Christ Strange Possibility Psychological Necessity - poor quality.mp3
C323 Dr Anne Maguire - The Deadly Sin of Jealousy.mp3
C324 Robin Balbernie - Deception and Conception in The Arthurian Cycle.mp3
C325 Sara Brain - The Journey of the Soul in the Epic Tradition.mp3
C326 Jim Fitzgerald - The Fathers Shadow and the Source of the Masculine.mp3
C327a Rev Michael Anderton - The Masculine and Feminine in God and Man (3 Seminars).mp3
C327b Rev Michael Anderton - The Masculine and Feminine in God and Man.mp3
C328 Peter Tatham - The Earth As Father.mp3
C329 Catherine Moreau - Animus Influences in Manhood.mp3
C32 Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Father.mp3
C330 David Freeman - Ravaged Anima in Man Has it been Hijacked by Women.mp3
C331 Dr Ian Baker - Silence and Quiet in Analysis and Relationship.mp3
C332 Dr Leon Schlamm - Relation of Inflation to Mystical Experience in Jungs Writings.mp3
C333 Antonia Boll - Injury and the Healing Journey.mp3
C334 Rev Alan Johnson - Tertullian and Origen Fathers of Jung.mp3
C335 James Roose-Evans - A Journey Yet to Go.mp3
C336 Dr Colin Murray Parkes - Prepare to Meet Thy .... A Problem in Consumer Resistance.mp3
C337 Dom Sebastian Moore OSB - Homosexuality and The End of The Journey (Reflections on Alexis).mp3
C338 Molly Tuby - Between Blind Hope and Denial.mp3
C339 Members of The Guild - I have a Journey Sir plus Conclusion of Conference.mp3
C340 Dr Anne Maguire - The Deadly Sin of Anger.mp3
C341 Yiannis Arzoumanides - Confession and Psychotherapy.mp3
C342 Shirley du Boulay - Pilgrimage and the Sacred Place.mp3
C343 Prof Renos Papadopoulos - The Individual and The Collective Violence and National Identity.mp3
C344 Ann Shearer - Women Men and the Feminine.mp3
C345 Dr Anthony Stevens - Dreams and The Art of Consciousness.mp3
C346 Wolfgang Giegerich - Opposition of Individual and Collective Psychologys Basic Fault - poor quality.mp3
C347 Karen Armstrong - History and The Divine.mp3
C348 Alison Wertheimer - The Experience of Bereavement Following Suicide (can the Way Down also be The Way Up).mp3
C349 Brendan Callaghan SJ - The Earthsea Books of Ursula Le Guin as a Primer in Jungian Psychology.mp3
C34 Gerda Geddes - Tai Chi Ch'Van.mp3
C350 Dr A Guggenbuhl-Graig - Midnight when Noon is Born.MP3
C351 Dr Dudley Young - Breaking into Darkness.mp3
C352 Dr Neil Micklem - A Matter of Life or Death.mp3
C353 Melanie Reinhart - Dawning in The Dark.mp3
C354 Rev J. Sclater - Introduction-Conclusion Summer Conference 1996.mp3
C355 Dr Anne Maguire - The Deadly Sin of Accidie (Sloth).mp3
C356 Christopher Jones - Cheirology and the Hands of Jung.mp3
C357 Dr Rose Atfield - Archetypal Myth in The Poetry of Seamus Heaney.mp3
C358 Dr Roderick Peters - Heavenly Bodies.mp3
C359 Dr Diane Zervas Hirst - Nature and The Emerging Spirit in The Art of Odilon Redon.mp3
C35 Rev William Kyle - Developmental Aspects of A National Pastoral Foundation.mp3
C360 Kurt Almquist - Jung and The Zeitgeist.mp3
C361 Rt Rev Rowan Williams - Making the Soul - Vintage.mp3
C362a Dr Leon Schamm and Roger Woolger - Jung's Relationship to Oriental Mystical Traditions Session 1.mp3
C362b Dr Leon Schamm and Roger Woolger - Jung's Relationship to Oriental Mystical Traditions Session 2.mp3
C363 Dr Ian Baker - Failed Fathers and Unfulfilled.mp3
C364 Eve Jackson - The Archetypal Meal Eating and Communion.mp3
C365 Rev Eric James - The Creative Feminine.mp3
C366 Jules Cashford - Vision in Shakespeare King Lear.mp3
C367 Thomas Hemsley - Narrative Song Cycles of Schubert and Schumann.mp3
C368 Mary Lynn Kittelson - Intonations of Immortality The Soulful Ear.mp3
C369 Stephen Gardiner - A Single Faith.mp3
C36 Keith Ellis - The Meaning of Numbers.mp3
C370 Rev J Sclater et al - Culture And The Soul Introduction and Conclusion.mp3
C371 Dr Anne Maguire - The Deadly Sin of Lust.mp3
C372 Rabbi Jeffrey Newman - Life Winners and Losers.mp3
C373a Jean and Wallace Clift - The Archetype of Pilgrimage Session 1.mp3
C373b Jean and Wallace Clift - The Archetype of Pilgrimage Session 2.mp3
C374 Jack Herbert - Yeats and Jung Similar Visions.mp3
C375 Rabbi Jeffrey Newman and Dr Ahmad Khalidi - Palestinian and Jew Image and Mirror Image.mp3
C376 Catherine Kaplinsky - Shifting Shadows Reflections on South Africa.mp3
C377 Rev Tom Curtis Hayward - Self and Psyche in English Culture.mp3
C378 Rt Rev Dr M Nazir-Ali - A Sense of The Sacred.mp3
C379a Geoffrey Cornelius & Stephen Karcher - Divination.mp3
C379b Geoffrey Cornelius & Stephen Karcher - Divination.mp3
C37 David Holt and Wendy Robinson - Dreamwork and Prayer.mp3
C380 Dr Henry Abramovitch - Origin of Violence and Restoration of Brotherhood - Vintage.mp3
C381 Prof Renos Papadopoulos - When Unity and Brotherhood Disintegrate Yugoslavia Reflections.mp3
C382 Dr Peter Fenwick - The Interconnectedness of Mind.mp3
C383 Rosmy Hudson - Carl Jung The Legacy His Signature.mp3
C384 John Matthews - The Wounded King - very poor quality.mp3
C385 Anthony Negus - Who is the Grail Wagner's Parsifal and the Grail - poor quality.mp3
C386 Dr Ian Baker - The Wound and the Endless Quest - Vintage.mp3
C387 Caitlin Matthews - The Sophia of the Grail and Spiritual Exile - poor quality.mp3
C388 Oonagh Ribet et Al - Introduction Summing up and Thanks Then.mp3
C389 Dr Anne Maguire - The Deadly Sin of Greed.mp3
C38a Peter Bentley - Feminine Vision of The Far and Near.mp3
C38b Peter Bentley - Feminine Vision of The Far and Near.mp3
C390 Professor Brian Thorne - Julian of Norwich Counsellor for Our Age.mp3
C391 Graham Fawcett - Imagination and The Classical Inheritance in Literature.mp3
C392 Dr Michael Edwards - Divine Madness and The Fifth Instinct.mp3
C393 John Costello - Genius and The Evolution of Consciousness.mp3
C394 David Holt - The Holy Family Voicing the Madness.mp3
C395 Rev Michael Anderton - Saint or Psychotic Jung and Mysticism.mp3
C396 Dr Tom Farewell - Cure or Heal Dominance or Authority.mp3
C397 Meiron Bowen - Tippett and Jung Influences on Tippett’s View of the World.mp3
C398 Tia Kuchmy - The World Turns on its Dark Side A Child of Our Time.mp3
C399 Fr Fred Licciardi - Healing The Shadow Of Blindness.mp3
C39 Dr Jack Dominion - Dynamic Patterns and Marital Pathology.mp3
C400a Julian David - The Evolution of Myth - Parts 1.MP3
C400b Julian David - The Evolution of Myth - Parts 2.mp3
C401 Dr Harry Wilmer - When Is The Right Time To Ask The Question Images Vision and Dreams.MP3
C402 Various Speakers - Summer Conference 1999 Intro and Discussion.mp3
C403a Julian David Dr Harry Wilmer - Joint Discussions.MP3
C403 Various Speakers - Plenary Session Joint Discussion Closing Remarks.mp3
C404 Dr Anne Maguire - The Deadly Sin of Gluttony.mp3
C405 Dr Gustav Dreifuss - Hopes and Anxieties For The New Millenium.mp3
C406 Alix Pirani - The 4 Quartets T S Eliot and The 20th Century Psyche.mp3
C407 Prof Josephine Evetts-Secker - Orphanos Eroikos The Precarious Possibility of Wholeness.mp3
C408 Sara Sviri - The Obsession With Life - Full Version.mp3
C409 Rev John Sclater - Jung and The Numinous The Path of Holiness.mp3
C40 Molly Tuby et al - The Widening Circle and Discussion Summer Conference 1978.mp3
C410 Jim Fitzgerald - Vision of Light The Healing Power of The Numinous.mp3
C411a Prof Victor Mansfield - Synchronicity and Soul making - Pt1.mp3
C411b Prof Victor Mansfield - Synchronicity and Soul making - Part 2.mp3
C412 Carmen Reynall - Fairy Tales and The Growth of Self.mp3
C413 Rabbi David Freeman - Putrefaction Decay and Dismemberment.mp3
C414 Dr Michael Kearney - Working with Suffering in Living and Dying.mp3
C415 Eugene Monick - What it's like to Die While Still Living.mp3
C416 Melanie Reinhart - Descent And Return.mp3
C417 Oonagh Ribet Summer Conference 2000 Intro and Conclusion.mp3
C417 Recital - Tia Kuchmy and Nick Salway - Summer Conference 2000.mp3
C418 Dr Anne Maguire - The Deus Absconditus.mp3
C419 Myfanny Rees - The Great God Pan - Images Past and Present.mp3
C41 Rabbi Hugo Gryn - Sin and Forgiveness.mp3
C420 Diana Grace-Jones - The Necessity of Heathcliffe Revenge and Betrayal in Wuthering Heights.mp3
C421 Diarmiud O'Murchu - Depth and Wisdom of Our Time.mp3
C422 Michael Simpson - Members One of Another for Better and For Worse.mp3
C423 Helen Morgan - The New Physics through a Jungian Perspective.mp3
C424a Kurt Browne - Kabbalah & the Spiritual Tradition of Africa Path to Integration.mp3
C424b Joanna Browne - Kabbalah & the Spiritual Tradition of Africa Path to Integration.mp3
C425 Various Speakers - Introduction to Conference - Stories of the Soul Part 1.mp3
C426 Prof Josephine Evetts-Secker - The Changing God Image and The Imagination Part 1.mp3
C427 Murray Stein - The Changing God Image What Does it Mean.mp3
C428 Various Speakers - Forum Discussion - Summer Conference 2001.mp3
C429 Various Speakers - Plenary Session and Chairman's Closing Remarks Summer Conference 2001.mp3
C42 John Foskett - I Am What I Am.mp3
C430 Philip Carr-Gomm - When The Moon Swallows The Sun Druid Tradition.mp3
C431 Josephine Evetts Secker - The Psychological Necessity of Sin.mp3
C432 John Smalley - The Renegade and Individuation The Feral Saint.mp3
C433 Rev Mark Oakley - God Church and R S Thomas.mp3
C434 Dr John Granrose - Archetypes And The Internet Hermes and His Children Today.mp3
C435 Michael Wilson - The Gift of Loneliness.mp3
C436 Fr Robert Murray SJ - Blake As Prophet.mp3
C437 Christopher Hauke - Jung and Film.mp3
C438a Dr Schuyler Brown - The Bible and the Alchemy of Language.mp3
C438b Dr. Schuyler Brown - The Bible and the Alchemy of Language extended discussion.mp3
C439 Dr Francesca Bugliani Knox - Ignatian Spirituality and Jungian Spirituality.mp3
C43 Dr Colin M Parkes - Bereavement.mp3
C440 Various Speakers - Introduction and Shakespeare.MP3
C441 Dr. Henry Abramovitch - Our Debt To Fate Israel 1.MP3
C442 Dr. Henry Abramovitch - Our Debt To Fate Israel 2.MP3
C443 John Hill - Our Debt To Fate Ireland 1.MP3
C444 John Hill - Our Debt To Fate - Ireland 2.MP3
C445 Dr Anne Maguire - Psychology of the Archetype of the Veiled Kabir.mp3
C446 Rev Rodney Bomford - The Unconscious and God.mp3
C447 John Smalley - And The Dog Went Too.mp3
C448 Dr Anne Maguire - The Psychic Malady of Mankind Today.mp3
C449 Rev Chris MacKenna - The Wonderment Of The Wounded.mp3
C44 Molly Tuby - The Blind One Found The Jewel.mp3
C450 Lynn Cook - Forgiveness and Reconciliation.mp3
C451 Peter Amman - The Importance of Africa To Jung and Analytical Psychology.mp3
C452 Bracha Newman - Growing Into Womanhood.mp3
C453 Murray Stein - The Correspondence Between C G Jung and Father Victor White.mp3
C454 Ann Lammers - The Correspondence Between C G Jung and Father Victor White.mp3
C455 Adrian Cunningham - The Correspondence Between C G Jung and Father Victor White.mp3
C456 Rev Lyn Phillips - Summer Conference 2003 Opening and Closing Remarks.mp3
C457 Wolfgang Geigerich - The End of Meaning and The Birth of Man.mp3
C458 Oonagh Ribet - Bitterness and Alienation An Essential Part of The Transformative Journey.mp3
C459 Matthew Harwood - Discerning the Positive Anima with the help of G. Eliot’s Middlemarch.MP3
C45 Dr Johanna Brieger - Creative Illness.mp3
C460 Amelie Noack - The Breath of Life Breathing and Becoming.mp3
C461 John Kurk - Healing the Soul through our Shadow Selves.mp3
C462 Robert Macdonald - The Body as Messenger of the Psyche.mp3
C463 Rachel Stanworth - Intimate Insights and Ultimate Horizons some symbols for the dying.mp3
C464 Jolyon Mitchell - Seeing Through Violent News beyond the ethics of photojournalism.mp3
C465 Dr David Peat - The Re-incarnation of Spirit.mp3
C466 Kathrin Asper - Frida Kahlo and the expression of suffering in her Art Part 1.mp3
C467 Kathrin Asper - Frida Kahlo and the expression of suffering in her Art  Part 2 - Slides.mp3
C468 Dr. John Beebe - Humiliations of the body in American Film - Film clips not recorded.MP3
C468 Dr. John Beebe - Humiliations of the body in American Film.jpg
C469a Mary Jo Radcliffe - Summer Conference 2004 opening and closing remarks.mp3
C469 Dr. John Beebe - Haplessness of the Spirit in Don Quixote - Includes discussion of C468.MP3
C470 Anne Maguire - Tears of the Soul.mp3
C471 Dr Joy Schaverien - The Dying Patient in Psychotherapy desire dreams and individuation.mp3
C472 Dr. John Beebe - What is The Self.MP3
C473 Matthew Harwood - The Secret of The Stone.mp3
C474 Maureen Cantwell - Mary Magdalene Aspects of the Feminine.mp3
C475 Susan Rowland - Jung And The Nature of Autobiography.mp3
C476 Jules Cashford - The Moon As Symbol of Transformation.mp3
C477 Rabbi Howard Cooper - Jacobs Ladder - Gateway To The Soul - CD1.mp3
C477 Rabbi Howard Cooper - Jacobs Ladder - Gateway To The Soul - CD2.mp3
C478 Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee - Awakening the Soul of the World.mp3
C479 Lyn Philips - Our Feeling for the Infinite.mp3
C47 John Nicholas - Archetypal Patterns of Change.mp3
C480 Sebastian Moore - Sexuality - uniting the masculine and feminine within and without – Part I.mp3
C481 Sebastian Moore - Sexuality - uniting the masculine and feminine within and without – Part II.mp3
C482 Chris Isham - Quantum Theory and The Archteype of Being.mp3
C483 Mary Jo Radcliffe - Summer Conference 2005 Opening and Closing Addresses.mp3
C484 Ann Ulanov - Descent and Experience of the No-thing Place.mp3
C485 Ann Ulanov - Recovery and Return from the No-thing Place.mp3
C486 John Dourley - Jung and the Mystical Experience of the Nothing.mp3
C487a Chairman - 2005 Summer Conference Closing Remarks.mp3
C487 John Dourley - C G Jung S P Huntington and the Search for Civilisations.mp3
C488 Anne Maguire - The Cradle of Life.mp3
C489 Chris Drury - Reflections of the Body of the Cosmos.mp3
C490 Carys Walsh - The Laboratory of the Self.mp3
C491 Robert Segal - Is Analytical Psychology a Religion.mp3
C492 Elizabeth Gordon - This Season of Lent.mp3
C493 A S Khalidi - Palestinians Jews and Others.mp3
C494 Ann Shearer - Between Psychology and Religion.mp3
C495 Kirsten Milnes - The Pain of No Pain the leper in collusion with collective psyche.mp3
C496 Kirsten Milnes - The Pain of No Pain the leper in collusion with collective psyche.mp3
C497 Judith Keyston - Living with real loss of myth - Wordsworth Jung and ourselves.mp3
C498 Various Speakers - Summer Conference 2006 Opening Address.mp3
C499 John Hitchcock - Descent and Return - a Cosmic Vision.mp3
C49 M R Lindhurst - Back To The Roots.mp3
C500 Cornelia Dimmitt - Visions of Wholeness in the Hindu Tradition.mp3
C501 Cornelia Dimmitt - Dreams.mp3
C502 John Hitchcock - Living in Time.mp3
C503 Various Speakers - Reflections on The Summer Conference 2006 - Opening Address.mp3
C504 Islam and the Divine Comedy of Dante - Anne Maguire.mp3
C505 Dale Mathers - Stop Running!.mp3
C506 Jeffrey Newman - My Intention is To Start Afresh Argument.mp3
C508 George Szirties - Missing Dates.mp3
C509 Karen Armstrong - The Rôle of Religion in Cultural Transition.mp3
C50 Wendy Robinson - The 20th Century Labrynth.mp3
C510 Renos Papadopoulos - Terror Trauma And Adversity-Activated Development.mp3
C512 Angela Cotter - Out of Our Minds.mp3
C513 Josephine Evetts-Secker - Hunger for Images.mp3
C515 David Hart - Rediscovering The Margins.mp3
C516 Bracha Newman - In Seach of Soul.mp3
C517 David Tacey - After Tradition - Close Encounters with the Sacred.mp3
C518 William Ventimiglia - The Challenge and Opportunity of Radical Fundamentalism - Disk 2.mp3
C519 William Ventimiglia - Shadow Dancing with Maya - Disk 1.mp3
C51 Fr Christopher Bryant SSJE - Escape From The Labrynth.mp3
C520 David Tacey - Hell of Initiation.mp3
C521 Various Speakers - Reflections on the 2007 Guild Summer Conference.mp3
C522 Julienne McLean - Teresa of Avila and Depth Psychology.mp3
C523 Judith Anderson - Exploring Forgiveness with the Aid of Philoctetes.mp3
C524 Andrew Taylor - If You've Gotta Ask....mp3
C525 Roderick Main - Synchronicity and Awakening Consciousness.mp3
C526 Philippa Campbell - Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.mp3
C527 John Pickering - The Death of Death.mp3
C528 Camila Batmanghelidjh - What do Therapy and Chewing Gum have in Common.mp3
C529 Camila Batmanghelidjh - Exploring Strategies for the Care of Vulnerable Young People.mp3
C530 Diana Grace-Jones - Vengeance not Justice.mp3
C532 Jerome Bernstein - Living in the Borderland inc C531.mp3
C533 Mary Jayne Rust - Inspiring Radical Change in an Ailing World Talk I.mp3
C534 Mary Jayne Rust - Inspiring Radical Change in an Ailing World Talk II.mp3
C535 Jerome Bernstein - Living in the Borderland (Talk 2).mp3
C536 Various Speakers - Reflections on the 2008 Summer Conference.mp3
C537a Polly Young-Eisendrath - Why Jung.mp3
C537b Polly Young-Eisendrath - Why Jung.mp3
C538 Abraham Soettendorp - The Teaching of Compassion.mp3
C539 Tariq Ramadan - Towards a Spiritual Empathy.mp3
C53 Fr Christopher Bryant SSJE - Self Awareness and Religious Belief.mp3
C540 June Osborne - My Lot has Fallen in a Pleasant Ground.mp3
C541 H V Shastri - Conflict & Compassion through the Hindu Scriptures.mp3
C542 Gottfried Heuer - In my flesh shall I see God – Psyche and Body.mp3
C543 Schleger and Freeman - Religion and Depth Psychology in the 21st Century.mp3
C544 Anne Baring - The Dream of the Cosmos - Discussion.mp3
C544 Anne Baring - The Dream of the Cosmos.mp3
C545 Julian David - Living the Symbolic Life and the Infinite - 2nd half.mp3
C546 Jonathan Stedall - A Film Maker's Spiritual Journey - Discussion.mp3
C546 Jonathan Stedall - A Film Maker's Spiritual Journey.mp3
C547b Jim Fitzgerald  - Living the Symbolic Life through Music - Discussion.mp3
C547 Jim Fitzgerald  - Living the Symbolic Life through Music.mp3
C548 Chris MacKenna - Job - Spiritual Pioneer or Case for Treatment.mp3
C54 Dr D G Starte - Self Awareness and Healing.mp3
C55 Giles Clark - Self Awareness Through Relationship.mp3
C56 Andrea Dykes - Self Awareness Through Dreams.mp3
C57 Dr Peter Tatham - Self Awareness At Different Stages of Life.mp3
C58 Canon Keith Walker - Jung in Today's World.mp3
C59 Charles Havens - American Jungians.mp3
C60 Andrea Dykes - Earthing The Vision.mp3
C61 Barbara McNulty - The Quest and The Question.mp3
C62 Louis Marteau - The Vision of Paradox.mp3
C63 Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Earthing The Vision and Summing Up.mp3
C64 Charles Swartz - The Symbolism of Money and its practical Implications.mp3
C65 Alexander Duddington - Introduction to The Unconscious.mp3
C66 John Costello - The Psyche.mp3
C67 Ean Begg - Jung's Typology and The Individuation Process.mp3
C68 Giles Clark - Psyche and Relationship.mp3
C69 Robert Murray SJ - Monotheism and The Need for A Goddess.mp3
C70 Peter Tatham - Both The Body and The Mind.mp3
C71 Prof Claude Curling - Physics and Psyche.mp3
C73 Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Guilt.mp3
C74 Rev Michael Anderton - On Being A Self.mp3
C75 David Cox - Two Faiths or One.mp3
C76 Brian Scott-McCarthy - A Myth of My Own.mp3
C77 William Kraemer - Faith and Analysis.mp3
C78 Molly Tuby and Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Intro and Summing Up Summer Conference 1980.mp3
C79 Joseph Redfearn - Things and Persons.mp3
C80 Barbara Fowles - Psychotherapy and Prayer.mp3
C81 Baroness Vera von der Heydt - Ezekiel and The Valley of Dry Bones.mp3
C82 John Costello - Reason And Revelation.mp3
C83 David Black - Incarnation - A Psychological View.mp3
C84 David Cox - Descent and Resurrection.mp3
C85 David Holt - Jung and The Spirit.mp3
C86 Jane Heller - Goethe and Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship.mp3
C87 Noel Cobb - Imagination - Image and Epiphany.mp3
C88 Mrs Jules Cashford - Symbolism as Language of The Imagination.mp3
C89 Dr Peter Schiller - The Metamorphosis of Marriage.mp3
C90 Dr Stella Ring - Child of Man.mp3
C91 Dr Neil Micklem - Playing Consequences.mp3
C92 Rev Tom Curtis Hayward - Bees of The Invisible.mp3
C93 John Hood-Williams - The Child and The Image.mp3
C94 Pat Watts - Godsplay.mp3
C95 Walter Carrington - Anticipation of The Unknown.mp3
C96 Dr John Newson - The Self and Omega Point.mp3
C97 Dr Alan McGlashan - The Personal Factor.mp3
C98 Rabbi Jonathan Magonet - Whither Shall I Go From Your Presence A Study of Jonah.mp3
C99 Rev Michael Anderton - Conversion Providence and The Individual Myth.mp3

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