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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

“The investigation of the psyche should therefore be able on the one hand to explain the psychological structure of a work of art, and on the other to reveal the factors that make a person artistically creative.” (CW. 15,133)

No 8 The Value of Drama in Religion, Education and Therapy - Peter Slade

No 20 Art in Psychology - A. Segal

No 25 Wuthering Heights - Peter D. Lucas

No 35 Matthew Arnold and the Scholar Gipsy - Derek Kitchen

No 40 A Psychological Study of William Blake - L.A. Duncan¬ Johnstone

No 55 The Psychology of the Artist - Hector Hoppin

No 67 Around and Beyond the Confines of Art - Philip Metman

No 68 Victims of the Creative Spirit - Barbara Hannah

No 96 The Third Horizon - Rev. Frank Dossetor

No 104 Dante's Comedy as Self-Analysis and Integration - C.C. Hardie

No 120 Symbols of Transformation in Poetry - Alan Hobson

No.142 Character in Literature and Life - Rev. Frank Dossetor

No.147 Shakespeare Looks at Man - Alan Hobson

No.206 Bees of the Invisible - Rev. T. Curtis Hayward

No 220 Poetry in Relation to Traditional Wisdom - Kathleen Raine

Poetry and the Frontiers of Consciousness

Kathleen Raine

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