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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

In the child “the conscious rises out of the unconscious like an island newly risen from the sea. We reinforce this process in children by education and culture.” (CW. 17, 52)

The child archetype, though ambiguous, can symbolise the unrealised and the hopeful for the individual.

“We feel a strange and mysterious feeling whenever a fragment of our remotest youth stirs into life again, not actually reaching consciousness, but merely shedding a reflection of its emotional intensity on the conscious mind.” (CW.17, 144)

No 4 The Analysis of Children - Michael Fordham

No 29 The Child in Paradise - Fr. W.P. Witcutt

No 33 Ilonds: Their Use and Value in Diagnosis - Rev. Rolf Gledhill

No151 As it Happeneth to the Fool - Carol Jeffrey

No.169 Growing Up and Coming Out -Dr Camilla Bosanquet

No 188 The Continuing Vision of Childhood - Edward Robinson


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