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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

Perhaps Jung's most widely known concept is that of the collective unconscious, and the archetypal images through which it manifests itself. They form the impersonal substratum of the human psyche. There are psychic contents in the unconscious of the individual which are not acquired during his personal life but are a given and inherent part of the human psychic structure. It is impossible to define the scope of the collective unconscious, or to know fully its boundaries or its true nature.

“I call it collective because unlike the personal conscious, it is not made up of individual and more or less unique contents, but of those which are universal and are of regular occurrence.”(CW.8, 133)

No 15 Gawain and The Green Knight - Rev. Frank Dossetor

No 18 Patterns-  Rev. W. H. Peacey

No 43 Psychology and the Atom Bomb - Gerhard Adler

No 156 The Cup and a Note on Story-Telling - R.F. Hobson

No.172 Ecstasy and Enthusiasm - Joan Mance

No.178 The Lord of The Rings - Ean Begg

No.202 Physics and Psyche - C.D. Curling

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