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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

“It is only through the psyche that we can establish that God acts upon us, but we are unable to distinguish whether God and the unconscious are two different entities ... But empirically it can be established, with a sufficient degree of probability, that there is in the unconscious an archetype of wholeness which manifests itself spontaneously in dreams etc. and a tendency, independent of the conscious will, to relate other archetypes to this centre ... The God image does not coincide with the unconscious, but with a special content of it, namely the archetype of self." (CW. 11,468)

The term 'God Image' is derived from the early church Fathers.

It is the stamp, imago-Dei, or the imprint of God on the human soul.

No.47 King Saul and the Spirit of God -  Rivkah Schaerf

No.62 A Christian Approach to Psychology - Rev Stephen Neill

No.91 Jung's Contribution to the Religious Problem of Our Time -  Amy I. Allenby

No.102 Some Reflections on the Self and God in Sickness and in Maturity - Joan Mackworth

No.109 Son of Man — Image of the Self - Elizabeth B. Howes

No.112 God and the Self - Rev. David Cox

No.125 Sin, Suffering and Sickness - Rev. David Cox

No.187 God and the Self - J. W. T. Redfearn

No.219 I Don't Need to Believe in God—I Know - Rev. David Cox

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