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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

Healing is seen not only as a process by which body, mind, soul or spirit which is not functioning is restored to its original state: it involves a reintegration of man who experiences a fundamental split in his nature in which the dis-ease in which he finds himself is a contributory factor in the further formation and development of his personality.

So called pathological disorientation in the individual may be subject to the healing process and is a part of an enantiadromia in which the opposites may be further integrated. Wounding is subject to the self-regulating principle in the psyche and plays its part as the personality in the self — world continuum is developed, a process which is open-ended and only potentially complete.

“If this supra-individual psyche exists, everything that is translated into its picture-language would be depersonalised ... Not as my sorrow. but as the sorrow of the world: not a personal isolated pain, but a pain without bitterness that unites all humanity. The healing effect of this needs not proof.” (CW. 8.150)

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