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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

I use the term ‘individuation’ to denote the process by which a person becomes a psychological ‘individual’, that is, a separate,indivisible unity or ‘whole’.” (CW. 9i, 275)

The process of individuation is intrinsically a normal pattern of growth and development leading to a mature and fully adjusted personality, attuned to both external and internal reality. It is not an esoteric mysticism; it aims at a fully responsible personality, willing and capable of playing a role in society. Society consists of individuals. It is only when the individual is integrated and mature that society can grow and blossom.

“Individuation means becoming a single, homogeneous being, and. in so far as ‘individuality’ embraces our innermost, last, and incomparable uniqueness, it also implies becoming one's own self.” (CW. 7,171)

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No 213 The Child in the Stone

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