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“The first bearer of the soul-image is always the mother; later it is borne by those women who arouse the man's feelings, whether in a positive or a negative sense. Because the mother is the first bearer of the soul-image, separation from her is a delicate and important matter ... Just as the father acts as a protection against dangers of the external world and thus serves his son as a model persona, so the mother protects him against the dangers that threaten from the darkness of his psyche ...” (CW. 7,314)

The parental archetypes transcend the personal figures. They contain mythical elements, both positive and negative. The mother archetype contains elements of Demeter and Kore, of divine goddesses, the mother of God, of figurative symbols, paradise, the Church and the Kingdom of God. The father archetype is the image of the helpful or the harmful elemental powers, as in ‘Fatherland’, the ‘Auctor’ of authority, the prime mover or the Creator of the World, the eternal ideal, the Logos.

No. 92 On the Parent Archetype - Vera von der Heydt

No.128 Betrayal - James Hillman

No. 190 What is the Matter with Mother? - Patricia Berry

No.191 Women as Spiritual Guides - Una Kroll

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Vera von der Heydt James Hillman Patricia Berry

Una Kroll

Vera von der Heydt & Ean Begg

David Holt

Niel Micklem

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