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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

“Modern man has lost all the metaphysical certainties of his medieval brother, and has set up in their place the ideals of material security, general welfare and humanitarianism. But anyone who has still managed to preserve these ideals unshaken must have been injected with more than an ordinary does of optimism. Even security has gone by the board, for modern man has begun to see that every step forward in material progress steadily increases the threat of still more stupendous catastrophe.” (CW. 10, 81).

“In an era which has concentrated exclusively upon expansion of living space and increase in rational knowledge at all costs, it is the supreme challenge to ask man to become conscious of his uniqueness and his limitation. Uniqueness and limitation are synonymous.” (MDR 357)

No 21 War the Healer - E. Graham Howe

No 27 Economic Planning and the Uniqueness of Man - H. Westmann

No 76 The Conflict of Values Melville - Chaning-Pearce

No 99 Levels of Responsibility - Irene C. de Castillejo

No 123 The Inferior Functions, Tranquillisers and Trafalgar - Square Irene C. de Castillejo

No 132 Barriers to Effective Communication at the Frontiers of Culture -  Henry Davidson

No 157 Young People  -  Dr. W. H. Allchin

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