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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

“I never try to convert a patient to anything and never exercise any compulsion. What matters most to me is that the patient should reach his own view of things. Under my treatment a pagan becomes a pagan and a Christian a Christian, a Jew a Jew, according to what his destiny prescribed for him.” (MDR 160)

The external world cannot be understood without reference to the internal world. The split between the 'outside' and the 'inside' cannot be reconciled without reference to eternal archetypes. True religion can play a decisive role.

“The majority of my patients consist not of believers but of those who have lost their faith. The ones who came to me were the lost sheep. Even in this day and age, the believer has the opportunity in his church to live the 'symbolic life'. We need only think of the experience of the Mass, of baptism, of the Imitatio Christi ... But to live and experience symbols presupposes a vital participation on the part of the believer.” (MDR, 162)

No. 19 Frontiers of Theology and Psychology Fr. V. White No. 36 The Problem of Essence and Form in Christianity - Philip Metman

No. 42 Christianity Within - Toni Wolff

No. 46 Analytical Psychology and Religious Experience - Michael Fordham

No. 63 St John Climacus: The Psychology of the Desert - Fathers Dom. M.O. Summner

No. 79 A Pilgrim's Way Between Psychotherapy and Religion - Rev. Erastus Evans

No. 80 The Symbolic Life - C.G. Jung

No. 133 Theology, Psychology and Religion - Wyatt Rawson

No.127 The Bases of Religion in Aztec Mexico - Cottie A. Burland

No. 139 The Ideal of the Religious Community - Christopher Bryant

No 141 Psychology and Christianity - Rev. David Cox

No 149 The Needs of the Dying -  Barbara McNulty!

No.XXX The Two Worlds of Christianity  -  Bernardine Bishop

No 158 What is the Connection between Religious and Schizophrenic Experience? - J.L.T. Birley

No 183 The Contribution of Analytical Psychology to a Christian Psychology - Leon Bonaventura

No 209 Jung, Tillich and the Quest for Home and Self - John P. Dourley

No. 214 Individuation and Salvation - Christopher Bryant

No. 215 Jung and Religion - Vera von der Heydt

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