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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

“The problem of Job in all its ramifications had likewise been foreshadowed in a dream. It started with my paying a visit to my long lost father...I met him in his study...I do not know whether I had asked a question or whether my father wanted to explain something of his own accord, but in any case he fetched a big Bible down from a shelf, a heavy, folio volume like the Merion Bible in my library. The Bible my father held was bound in shiny fishskin. He opened it to the Old Testament—I guess that he turned to Pentateuch—and began interpreting a certain passage...his argument was so intelligent and learned that we in our stupidity simply could not follow it. It dealt with something extremely important which fascinated him.” (MDR, 244)

No.2 Pastoral psychology and the Gospel - Rev. W. H. Peacey

No.3 The Old Testament and Analytical Psychology - H. Westmann

No.78 An Assessment of Jung’s ‘Answer to Job’ - Rev. Erastus Evans

No.88 Analytical Psychology and the Synoptic Gospels - Elizabeth Boyden Howes

No.173 The Ethics of the Gospel  -  Barbara K. Fowles

No.208 A Study of the Book of Jonah  - Rev. Jonathan Magonet

No.221 Aspects of the Biblical Character of Elijah -  Howard Cooper

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