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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

Spirit is seen as psyche. The spirit in man is an archetypal concept as the essence of the individual personality and its outworking in creative art and action. Spirits are “beings” in the objective psyche personified in myth and fairy tale as i.e. devil or angel manifesting themselves in autonomous complexes and phenomena of the collective unus mundus. Mercurius, the chthonic earth spirit of God, is the unifying factor in the integration of Man.

The spirit of God is meaningless except as experienced by Man and if archetypal cannot be explained rationally but is self-authenticating in its impact and reality.

No.22 Bald-Head - E. Graham Howe

No.27 Incarnation and Instinct  - John Layard

No.49 The Psychology of the Spirit by C.G. Jung (abstracted by Eva Metman)

No. 95 Asceticism - Very Rev. A. Bloom

No. 143 The Pattern of the Spirit - Rev. G. FitzGerald

No. 95 Asceticism

No. 143 The Pattern of the Spirit

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