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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

“Since the stars have fallen from heaven and our highest symbols have paled, a secret life holds sway in the unconscious ... symbols are spirit from above and under those conditions, the spirit is above too.” (CW. 9i, 24)

“The conflict between the opposites constrains our psyches to the breaking point if we take them seriously or if they take us seriously ... If all goes well, the solution, seemingly of its own accord, appears out of Nature. Then and then only is it convincing. It is felt as 'grace'. Since the solution proceeds out of the confrontation and clash of opposites, it is usually an unfathomable mixture of conscious and unconscious factors and therefore a symbol, a coin split into two halves which fit together precisely.” (MDR 367)

No 10 The Golden Calf - H. Westmann

No 41The Green Snake and The Fair - Lily Eva Metman

No 53 Living Symbols in Literature - Werner Heider

No 69 Jung's Essay on the Transformation Symbol in the Mass - Monica Curtis

No 72 Re-Assessment of the Theoretical and Therapeutical Meaning of Anal Symbolism -  K.M. Abenheimer

No 74 Jung's "Aion" -  H.J. Bach

No 171 Creative Expression and Ultimate Values - H. Irene Champernowne

No193 Aspects of Jewish Prayer - Dr. Faye Pye

No 203 Ezekiel and the Vision of the Dry Bones - Vera von der Heydt

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