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Windows to Eternity by C.G. Jung produced by kind permission of the Estate of C.G Jung

“My life is what I have done, my scientific work; the one is inseparable from the other. The work is the expression of my inner development.” (MDR 249) Jung's psychology is based on his own experience with human beings, normal, neurotic and psychotic. It is not a form of psychopathology, although it draws on empirical material from pathology. His theories are, in his own words "suggestions and attempts at the formulation of a new scientific psychology based in the first place on immediate experience with human beings”.

Such therapy and counselling offer the opportunity to talk about personal anxieties in an atmosphere free from judgment. Feelings can be shared and clarified, possible solutions to difficulties explored, and individual potential developed to a fuller and more satisfying life.

“Therapy is different in every case ... Psychotherapy and analysis are as varied as human individuals. I treat every patient as individually as possible, because the solution of the problem is always an individual one. Universal rules can be postulated only with a grain of salt. A psychological truth is valid only if it can be reversed. A solution which would be out of the question for me may be just the right one for someone else.” (MDR 152)

No 5 Consciousness and Cure - Gerhard Adler

No 12 Technique 1 - S.W. London Pastoral Centre

No 13 Technique 2 - S.W. London Pastoral Centre

No 14 Technique 3 - Canon F. Boyd

No 16 The Analytic Function -  Three Members

No 17 Pastoral Psychology - Adeline M. Matland

No 30 Miscellany 1

No 34 Miscellany 2

No 45 The Family Clinic - William P. Kraemer

No 56 Psychotherapy and the Experience of Conversion - E. Graham Howe

No 103 Drama-therapy as an Aid to Becoming a Person - Peter Slade

No 118 Guilt and the Layman -  Barbara Fowles

No 140 Psychiatry: Its Definition and Its Practice - Michael Fordham

No 150 The Uniqueness of Pastoral Psychotherapy - Rev. William Kyle

No 159 A Comparison Between Counselling and Analysis - Joan Mance

No 174 Basic Concepts of Analytical Psychology - Gerhard Adler

No 197 A Personal Style of Therapy - Irene Bloomfield

No 204 Two Faiths or One -  Rev. David Cox

No 211 Border People -  Bani Shorter

No 222 Depression and the Dark Night of the Soul - Kathrin Asper

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Consciousness and Cure 1 Technique

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